English 9 Online

With school being closed for students until at least April 6, possibly even longer, here are a few notes that may be of use.

English 9 students have been given this daily schedule, which can be found for them on Google Classroom. Daily activities for our poetry unit will begin on Monday, March 23 and continue until April 3.

Much of what we do will remain consistent with what we have already been doing in the classroom.

Students will still be expected to read their choice novel and record a progress update on Goodreads.com each Monday and Wednesday for a monthly reading grade. Feel free to join them in this and create your own Goodreads account if you don’t have one!

They will also be expected to continue completing the two “Commonly Confused Words” practice assignments on noredink.com. An assessment will be posted for those who have finished the practice assignments.

Each task in the poetry unit will be posted as a Google Classroom assignment with due dates.

A number of students asked about reassessments for their Romeo & Juliet Final Exam as well as their monthly reading grade. I will post a review and reassessment for them to complete for the R & J Final (if they missed the first exam, they can take this in its place), and I encouraged them to work for a 4 on their March Reading Grade. To accomplish this, they will need 11 progress updates during the month of March (7 updates to earn a 3).

If students have any questions, I have directed them to contact a friend in their class or another class hour so that they can work together, and if they are still in need of help, they are to email me directly at halterm@fonddulac.k12.wi.us. I will be available via email every weekday from 8 AM until 3:30 PM.

If school remains closed after April 6, I will continue to update the schedule provided above. The work provided is very much an expectation. These days do still count as academic days as long as students maintain the work required for their courses.

All necessary materials will be posted online so that students will not need to worry about their own paper copies. If this is an issue, please email me promptly so I can troubleshoot a solution!

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