Remember, Remember the Fifth of November in Eng 9

The Fifth of November, Wrestling, Reading, Grammar, Short Story Unit, and Travel. Read on!

The Fifth of November

I always enjoy this week because of the fifth of November. I share with my students that this is a holiday I recognize with my brother and sister, as well as a friend or two, every year.

I share the history of the the holiday starting with Guy Fawkes, a man involved in the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in London. More recently, a graphic novel and movie V for Vendetta (a movie too cool for school) embellish the story a bit.

However, the reason I share this with my students and enjoy the holiday every year is that it inspires me to follow my words with actions and stand up against the evil acts that happen daily in our lives.

We do a lot of reading and writing in school, but if those words do not change us for the better, what is the point? Words are powerful because they are tied to action, and hopefully we can all then have the courage to act, doing what is right in difficult situations to make this world a little bit better of a place. This is what I think upon whenever I arrive to a new November the Fifth!


As the head wrestling coach, I like to encourage all students to join our wrestling team. If wrestling for the first time, my goal is to help them to become a better athlete and allow them to gradually build up confidence until they feel ready to compete. If they are involved in other winter opportunities but would still like to strengthen their athletic ability through wrestling, we do our best to work with our student-athletes so they can do it all. Please reach out if your child is interested!

This coming week we have open mats running in the wrestling room after school from 3:45pm-5pm. Encourage your child to stop by and “give it a shot.” Also, on Wednesday, we will be having a Marine Tactical Athlete Training in the Small Gym from 3:45pm-4:45pm for all winter student-athletes.


Last month’s reading grades were not what we would like to see. Therefore, anyone who scored a 2 or less will be completing their reading log in a paper format and will need to hand that in at the end of November for their grade.

It’s important that they track their reading progress on Goodreads (or now on the paper log) because we can’t have two days of silent reading time in school without any proof of its benefits. Please encourage your child/ren to read and keep tracking their progress!

The most common problems with their progress updates are (1) if they forget to complete one or more, or (2) fail to focus on one of our literary device terms. This should be an easy reading grade!


They completed the Subject-Verb Post-Assessment and Parts of Speech Pre-Assessment. We will be moving onto Parts of Speech Practice this coming week!

This is something they can also work on in their free time if they are getting behind! It’s online at

Short Story Unit:

This week, we wrapped up the Short Story Unit with a final exam on “The Dinner Party,” which nearly everyone did well on. All of the grades for this are in Skyward and fall under two standards. Reading (Theme) and Reading (Character Development).

Students should now have a fairly strong understanding of our 26 literary device terms, a short story plot line, the writing of a thematic statement, and composing a short story.

Next up, we move onto writing our personal narrative! Should be fun!

FHS Travel with Halter:

London, England 2019

If your child is interested in traveling internationally to either Italy/Switzerland 2020, contact me quickly as there are only 7-8 months left until departure!


London/Paris/Barcelona 2021, please contact Mrs. McClyman at for more information and sign up!

If you sign up for London/Paris/Barcelona 2021 by Thursday, November 14, you save $300!

Looking forward to 2022, I am currently putting together a trip for Ireland to London, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November in Eng 9

  1. Good morning Mr. halter ! This is Scott Rauch, Brayden Rauch‘s father. Since conferences Brayden has been slowly trying to be more prompt and do better in school and he has showed me a few days that he can do this. Unfortunately he has gotten ill this week and hopefully will return to school on Friday. I know he’s not doing well in your class and I am uncertain of what work he needs to complete for you since teacher conferences. Is there anyway he can get together with you next week during cardinal time or anytime to try to catch up !?? I have been hounding him about the importance of getting caught up and hopefully it’s not too late in your class. I would love to see his grade come up to at least a B and I know he’s capable. Please let me know when you can and I will be more than happy to try to schedule something for Brayden and preach to him about taking the initiative to get together with you and also the rest of his teachers to get caught up straight across-the-board!
    Thank you!


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