Winter is Here

Winter Opportunities, Reading, Grammar, Short Story Unit, and Travel. Read on!

Winter School Involvement

The Fall Sports seasons are wrapping up and the snow has already started. Yuck! But change is good…

If your son or daughter is still looking for something to get involved in, please encourage them to join one of our winter sports or any number of clubs. The high school years are far more fun and meaningful when everyone is finding a way to meet new friends and contribute to the school community!

As the head wrestling coach, I like to encourage all students to join our wrestling team. If wrestling for the first time, my goal is to help them to become a better athlete and allow them to gradually build up confidence until they feel ready to compete. If they are involved in other winter opportunities but would still like to strengthen their athletic ability through wrestling, we do our best to work with our student-athletes so they can do it all. Please reach out if your child is interested!


The upcoming week is the fist week of November and will begin a new month’s Reading Grade. Students will need two reading progress updates for this week.

The most common problems with their progress updates are (1) if they forget to complete one or more, or (2) fail to focus on one of our literary device terms. This should be an easy reading grade!


They completed the Subject-Verb Practice on No Red Ink and will either finish up or take the Post-Assessment on Monday. This is something they can also work on in their free time if they are getting behind! It’s online at

Short Story Unit:

This past week we read “The Gift of the Magi” and completed a practice exam for the Short Story Unit. The real thing will take place this coming week and wrap up our unit.

Students should now have a fairly strong understanding of our 26 literary device terms, a short story plot line, the writing of a thematic statement, and composing a short story.

FHS Travel with Halter:

London, England 2019

If your child is interested in traveling internationally to either Italy/Switzerland 2020 OR London/Paris/Barcelona 2021, please join us at FHS in the LGI (upstairs between the Social Studies and English pods) at

6PM on Monday, November 4 for an informational meeting!

If you are unable to make the meeting, please email me at to set up a phone call with me for more information.

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