Next Year, Story Endings, and End of October

Next Year’s Schedule, Books, Reading, Grammar, Short Story Unit, and Travel. Read on!

Jump to Sophomore Year

Within the next month and a half, students will be asked to fill out their class schedules for next school year.

For English, this means they have two choices. They can either pick English 10 or Advanced English 10. I want them thinking about this decision early so that if they do want to challenge themselves by going the Advanced route, they can confirm their spot in one of those classes.

In the past, many kids just chose English 10 and then tried to switch at a later date, but they were not able due to a lack of seats.

If they are cruising through my class and completing the work quickly, I will have “Expansion Packs” of more advanced work in the back of my classroom that they can work through to prepare themselves for the jump to the next level.

I ask that you discuss this decision with them and make sure they are making the best choice. If college is a goal, taking Advanced English 10 will certainly help them onto AP Language and a host of other college credit courses (that can be taken while in high school at minimal cost) saving tons of money in the long term.

Plus, then they can be even more ready for their senior year with options such as Writer’s Workshop (I teach a section of this) and CAPP Communication.

Classroom Book Fundraiser Success!

My classroom was in desperate need for a new set of Romeo & Juliet books for our upcoming unit, and after your help along with a couple of private donors, we have a set of books on the way!

It is amazing to see people jump in to make it happen! I am beyond words and the kids will definitely enjoy that unit much more now that we have the books we need!


This upcoming week is the end of October! Students will share their reading progress for an October Reading Grade. If they do not have 8 updates that focus on literary device terms, they cannot earn a 3.

The most common problems with their progress updates are (1) if they forget to complete one or more, or (2) fail to focus on one of our literary device terms. This should be an easy reading grade!


They completed the Subject-Verb Practice on No Red Ink and will either finish up or take the Post-Assessment on Monday. This is something they can also work on in their free time if they are getting behind! It’s online at

Short Story Unit:

The true goal of the short story unit, other than finding meaning in whatever we read or see, is to learn to use the same tools as authors in our own writing.

This week, we read “The Lady or The Tiger?” short story where students were able to re-assess on their shorty story organizers (if they chose to) and then had to complete the ending of the story for their first Baseline in Writing Skill.

We will be wrapping up soon if they are able to use these devices in their story writing!

FHS Travel with Halter:

If your child is interested in traveling internationally, please take a look at the travel options on the home page of this website and reach out for more information on any of these opportunities.

London, England 2019

I value the powerful impact that travel can have on life and have always made it a non-negotiable in my own life as it has helped develop me into who I am today.

We do a lot of fundraising to bring the cost down as much as possible so that these opportunities can be available to every student.

Please reach out if interested so that I can share the next parent meeting times and add you to our information list.

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