October Conferences, Travel Fair, and Pre-ACT

Reading, Grammar, Short Story Unit, Pre-ACT, Teacher Conferences, and Travel. Read on!


Looking ahead to our Romeo and Juliet unit, we currently have a very poor set of destroyed books that have suffered years of abuse. Unfortunately, there is little money to go around in funding a new classroom set. 😦

Therefore, I have created an online fundraiser to hopefully fund and have the books in time to use them for our upcoming unit (and for years to come). If you would consider donating even a small amount to help support our classroom, it would be MUCH appreciated!

Please click on this fundraiser link to support us!


They read their choice novels for two Goodreads progress updates and continued to practice using our Literary Device terms. Please continue to encourage them to read at home, and, heck, share your reading with them too!

The most common problems with their progress updates are (1) if they forget to complete one or more, or (2) fail to focus on one of our literary device terms. This should be an easy reading grade!


They completed the Subject-Verb Pre-Assessment on No Red Ink and began working on Subject-Verb I Practice. This is something they can also work on in their free time if they are getting behind! It’s online at noredink.com.

Short Story Unit:

We have been delving deeper into understanding the concept of Theme and creating Thematic Statements. When enjoying a story whether in a text or film format, we can and should be looking for meaning.

Everything is Kung Fu. It is in all we do.

What message is the author trying to share? What lesson/s can we take and apply to our own lives, and why? These are the questions we have been trying to answer as we read short stories, watch short film clips, or listen to music.

This week, we continued with this by watching short film clips from Remember the Titans, The Karate Kid, Invictus, The Tale of the Three Brothers, and the song “Wings.” However, we didn’t have much time for this because on Thursday and Friday freshmen and sophomore students were busy taking the Pre-ACT!


This week students completed the Pre-ACT in their homerooms over the course of two days. This was the first time we have done this at FHS and seemed to be a success.

This assessment will be super useful by giving students an approximate ACT score, areas of strength and weakness, and suggestions on what to work on in order to improve for the real thing when they get to their junior year.

Some students have the feeling that they don’t get paid to go to school. However, I feel they do. If they perform well on the ACT and academically, the scholarship and grant offers for college become quite lucrative for them. Hopefully, by taking the Pre-ACT and continuing to practice and improve upon their work, they will be more than prepared for the real deal when it arrives.

From my observations, they learned a lot and will likely do far better when they try again next year!

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

I have opened up my second night of conferences on Skyward for this Wednesday.

If you would like to chat and can’t make a scheduled conference work, feel free to email me at halterm@fonddulac.k12.wi.us so we can make a phone conference happen. No problem at all!

FHS Travel with Halter:

If your child is interested in traveling internationally, please take a look at the travel options on the home page of this website and reach out for more information on any of these opportunities.

London, England 2019

I value the powerful impact that travel can have on life and have always made it a non-negotiable in my own life as it has helped develop me into who I am today.

We do a lot of fundraising to bring the cost down as much as possible so that these opportunities can be available to every student.

Please reach out if interested and stop by the Study Abroad Fair in the FHS Library/Media Center on October 23 from 3:30PM to 6:30PM.

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