Meet the Swiss in Lucerne!

Lucerne, Switzerland

Travel is the bridge between YOU and EVERYTHING.


After touching down at Zurich Flughafen (ZRH), we meet our EF Tour Director, make our way to the bus, and enjoy a scenic Swiss drive for 45 minutes to the city of Lucerne.

While visiting this spectacular city, nestled in the Swiss Alps and carved in two by a picturesque glacial green river, we will see and learn about:

The Lion Monument

The Lion Monument

One of the most famous monuments in Switzerland, this sculpture was created to memorialize the Swiss Guards who gave their lives in the French Revolution of 1792 but has become a symbol for the courage of all Swiss nationals.

American writer Mark Twain explained that this monument is “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” What a statement! Watch the video below to hear a local’s perspective of this special place!

The Lion Monument from the Swiss Perspective

Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge

Pictured at the top of this post, Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden-covered bridge in Europe, crosses the River Reuss and displays a number of 17th Century paintings along its walkway. As we walk from one side of the river to the other, we can learn the history of Lucerne as we view these triangular-shaped paintings in the ceiling of the bridge.Walk through Lucerne by watching the video below or fast forward to 5:20 to skip to the Chapel Bridge!

Even more exciting to look forward to will be our ride up a nearby Swiss mountain for a life-changing view of the area and a cruise on Lake Lucerne! For more information on this first stop of our trip, feel free to explore The Crazy Tourist’s “15 Best Things To Do in Lucerne” or look up Lucerne, Switzerland on

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