Giving Everything Away Through Blogging

Give It All Away

There is one thing I know with absolute certainty:

When we give everything away, it all comes back with interest.

As a high school and college student, I found myself afraid to put myself out there. Allowing others to judge me by my ability or lack thereof to communicate was not an overly exciting prospect so I simply didn’t go out of my way to do it.

Master of Arts in Teaching

Much has changed since that time.

I graduated with one college degree to turn right back around and get another. Reading everything in sight and jumping into the field of education, my brain now serves as an overcrowded attic that needs to constantly be sorted through and reorganized.

I have traveled to 90% of the U.S. as well as 37 countries around the world. The experiences gained from this have been more than worth the money spent (tens of thousands of dollars). I find myself learning more and more about myself and others on every single adventure.

Spending so much time dedicated to exploring and improving myself, I came to understand that the more I invest in myself and instantly give away to others (check out this Success magazine article for inspirational quotes on giving), the more opportunities that open up for me.

But how to give it all away? Blogging!

Yes! It allows us to give our learning away to others while returning it back through continued feedback and conversation from like-minded and not so like-minded people all around the world!

Cristian Mihai, in his post “Things I Wish I Had Known About Blogging,” explains the five main benefits of blogging: feedback, networking, learning, social media integration, and feeding our brains.

Blogging allows us to accept judgement and correct our mistakes, network with other like-minded people all around the world, learn more and more until we become experts in our field, interact with other content writers through social media, and after reading deeper into our passions we have more to say (and more to blog about).

So many huge benefits for the writer and readers!

But how do we blog well enough to attract more readers?

In “How to Write a Blog Post People Actually Want to Read,” Bella Pope shares the formula for creating a post people will read and share. The first piece is a unique idea with a catchy title; the post needs to have something new and interesting that catches readers’ attention.

Next, it needs to be visually appealing by using different font styles, colors, and white space in a calculated manner. Looks matter, but so does the content! The post should be full of personality–readers want to be able to connect with the author. Otherwise, who cares? It’d be like reading a software manual.

Colombian Mud Volcano Fun

There should be relevant images. People need to know that Mr. Halter was once covered in mud from a South American volcano! They don’t necessarily need to know that afterward he was washed off by ancient Colombian women who had no regard for letting him wear his swim apparel, but hey, that’s why those moments aren’t pictured!

Finally, if you want to attract readers (getting more feedback and having more influence over the world around you), there should be a good degree of search engine optimization and social media sharing. People need to be able to find your blog and see it! making use of certain keywords throughout a post, linking to other content, offering the option for guest posts, and sharing posts strategically across different social medias are just some of the ways to connect your blog to other readers.

The main takeaway is to keep working on your craft while allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to give it all away. It will all come back to you with interest. I promise.

To Let It All Come Back

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