See First. Judge Later. (B. Anderson’s 2019 Euro-Reflection)

Throughout my trip, I have learned a lot of things, such as getting around in new places, how to travel around in places that don’t speak your language, and many more. I think one of the biggest takeaways I got from this trip was that you can never just judge a place off of other people’s experiences and what you see online as you will not always feel the same in those places because everyone experiences things differently. That’s why I feel that before you go on any trip or vacation, you should not make pre-trip judgments.

Before our trip, I had made a lot of pre-trip judgments of what places would be like even before I ever got to experience them. I think this ruined the first part of my experience of each place as I was expecting things very biased and generally, and the outcomes were very different in the end. One of my biggest pre-trip judgments was that I thought I wasn’t going to like Scotland at all and wouldn’t have the best time there from what I had learned about Scotland. I thought that it would just be a really cold place with just a lot of green land and nothing really interesting. This was entirely wrong as I ended up loving Scotland, especially the city of Edinburgh.

Scotland was one of the best experiences of my life so far as the culture was just so diverse and different, making it nothing as I had thought. Everywhere you went you could spot different cultures being blended, such as the small French shops that you can find everywhere. In the main city of Edinburgh, I’m sure you could just about find every culture in the world, and this made me think very differently about Scotland. I want to go back to Scotland, but at the start of the trip I thought I wouldn’t want to go back there ever again.

London was a very different experience from other places because it is one of the cultural centers of the world. You can think of it as everything I just talked about Scotland but ten times better. You could see so many cultures everywhere you went such as us seeing their own little China Town and inside of it the different Asian cultures of the world. Honestly, I had known a lot about London and I did come into it expecting right things. It kind of proves my theory wrong, but I knew lots about London and England, which ensured that I would not have any bad experiences there.

France is probably one of my biggest additions to making me come up with this takeaway as it was completely different from everything I had thought of it. I had thought that it would be this amazing city with wonderful sites, amazing people, and very culturally diverse all because of what I had seen online. All of these assumptions were completely different except Paris being extremely beautiful as it was. Even though I had some bad experiences, it was the best-looking place we went to except for the fact that it smelled really bad and was dirty everywhere you went. At the start, I had thought the people would be nice as it was one of the most popular tourist attractions ever, but it turned out that many of the citizens were extremely rude and didn’t care at all what we think of them.

In conclusion, I feel if you want to judge a place before you ever experience it, you should at least do a lot of pre-trip research beforehand. All of your assumptions will be proven wrong unless you already know a lot about that place in the start. Overall, I had a great experience at all of these places and have learned many things. This was the best experience of my life with a lot of takeaways I can use for future experiences as I hope to travel a lot more and experience many new things.

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