Day 7 in London by Logan McClyman

At Sky Garden we saw a very incredible view that included almost all of London. After waiting for some sleepy people we finally were able to take a group picture with The Shard in the background and the financial district. We then went on the top part of the building and saw various exotic plants and an even greater view. We took some pictures including my favorite portrait picture of the trip.

When we arrived to St. Paul’s Cathedral we immediately took a group picture. Then we took a lift to the top of One New Change across the street from the cathedral and took many great pictures with the view. After the Cathedral we went out to eat at Nando’s. Nando’s is a unique restaurant because of its special ingredient on almost everything. What is this special ingredient? Peri Peri sauce. PP sauce is consisted of many natural factors such as peppers and shavings of hell. I am not kidding that PP sauce gave me the runs for about two whole days. Wing Roulette also did not help because it was literally 10 wings with every sauce that they had and I ate all but three.

Despite feeling like I was stabbed I watched a play with my mother and a teacher friend of hers. We watched The Merry Wives of Windsor at The Globe Theater which is an exact replica of the original theater that Shakespeare created. My favorite character was Falstiff because of the satirical comments he made during the show. We stayed there for over two hours and a half and were all late to dinner by about 10 minutes. For dinner we ate at O’Neills and had terrible Bangers and Mash. I wanted to throw up for another whole day after eating that poison.

After dinner we decided to go out for a walk and first went to Baker Street. We saw the actual home that they used for filming Sherlock Holmes even though he was a fictional character and it was packed. We then hiked up to Primrose Hill and at the top was a beautiful outline of the city of London. Next up to bat was Tate Modern but on the way there we decided to stop for another tourist trap and saw Platform 9 3/4, which wasn’t very magical.

Tate Modern was another building on the list and it was basically a skyscraper with 10 floors with a beautiful sight. After Tate Modern we went for a walk next to the River Thames. The river itself is very wide with several iconic bridges running over it. Since it was a Friday night, there were many people out and about and many street performers. Joy was contagious and spread like a wildfire that night but it only gets better. On the shore of South Bank there was a mass of people both on the bank and the wall above watching a group of fire dancers. That was cool to watch since it was dark out and the fire stuck out perfectly.

We walked along Westminster and saw Big Ben under scaffolding but yet could still see the lights on it and it looked amazing as if it wasn’t under “restoration.” We then took the subway back to our hotel and realized it was super late and the train ride was gonna be an hour. When we got inside we all went up to our rooms and tried to sleep but couldn’t, as we were being reminded of all the things we saw that night.

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