Day 6 in London/Windsor by Carley Schultz

On day six we were able to sleep in longer than normal because our day began at ten o’clock. Breakfast started at seven thirty, yet another day with eggs and beans. Leaving the hotel in anger after not having a good breakfast once again just made the day a little harder. It seemed like that at first, but after awhile I fell asleep while the tour guide was speaking. It made the day better knowing that I got some sleep and was able to block out all noises (whoops).

London Bus Tour – On this bus tour I fell asleep and so did everyone else, which of course isn’t polite, but sometimes it just happens when the speaker has a soft boring voice. Once she was done with the bus tour, she took us off the bus and walked us by Buckingham Palace where we got to watch the soldiers march and some also ride their jet black horses to where they are needed or on duty.

Windsor Castle – After the tour guide walked us around to see the cool marches of the soldiers in their uniforms and also the horses in their uniforms, we headed back to the bus. Once we got to the bus, we set off to head to the castle. Once again, everyone fell asleep since the ride would be (in the bus drivers words) “an hour and a little bit.” I “never” heard that before, and it made me chuckle. At the ten minutes away mark the tour guide woke us up to pack all the things we needed from the bus and to get ready to hop off.

When we arrived at Windsor Castle, Ash and the tour guide got all our tickets/wristbands when we were in line waiting to get checked by the medal detecter. Once they got back, we set foot into the fast lines where they made sure we had no weaponry on us since the Windsor Castle is where Queen Elizabeth lives and where the royal weddings took place.

After getting to know where everything is, the guide let us hop along and roam around to the places where we wanted to look at more in depth. I went to the apartments where a lot of older furniture and paintings/photos were hung up in rooms. As I walked through, there were rooms that had the most beautiful chandeliers that could possibly exist in the entire world. They were all glass/crystals just dangling from the gigantic ceilings that were amazingly tall.

By far from this trip so on, Windsor Castle has been my favorite. I loved knowing that the queen and family were there and being able to view the castle from every angle. Also, it was really cool to see soldiers getting into places after discharging the previous soldiers to go onto break. One soldier even winked at Grace and I… MMM Rich English Soldiers Men. At 3:30, we set off to the bus to where we then headed for dinner.

When arriving to dinner, it was a chaotic mess to where we actually had to walk “14” minutes, but it was actually close to an hour walk to the other location because our reservations were mixed up with the other EF tour group. By then, everyone was cranky and hungry, which wasn’t a pretty sight. When we finally arrived at the other location of the chain, we were sent down to the basement where our food was ready to get in our tummies. Once we sat down, we realized that the fish that was sitting at the table has actually been there for quite some time since we were super late since with being at the other location and not this one. The thing that made me mad was that they didn’t put it in the oven to keep it fresh; the fish was cold, hard as in like they burnt it, oh and very fishy. I was so MAD! I HAD TO DROWN THE FISH IN KETCHUP, SO I COULD EAT FOR ONCE! I couldn’t finish it all because I got sick and wasn’t feeling the greatest. After finishing the meal, we got a piece of chocolate cake, which was also disgusting. We all were not impressed at all.

The good news was that it was Grace’s birthday and Ash, our tour director for the trip, brought her a pan of cupcakes to celebrate. This Happy Birthday, Grace!

Hungry, we went to see a play called The Comedy About a Robbery at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. I didn’t get many of the jokes in the beginning and didn’t think it was all that great, but after the intermission it all came together and was really funny.

We went back to the hotel hungry as can be and just wanting some American food since it seems as throughout this trip no one can cook except Americans. We finished the night with the tube to the hotel and going to bed right away from the exhausting day.

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