Day 5 Oxford to London by Logan McClyman

Despite sleeping for seven hours straight, I woke up drowsy and as if I hadn’t slept in a month. I was the first one up out of all my roommates, as usual, so decided to take a shower and get the day started right. The hotel bathroom was very fancy and had several mirrors which all showed a different angle of my head. After my shower and everyone woke up ready for the day, I went downstairs and grabbed something to eat since I was running a little late. I grabbed a handful of muffins to eat for the trip and gave one of my room mates a muffin since we were both a little late.

After handing my luggage to our coach driver Paul, who then put it in the storage unit under all the seats, I sat down next to a window. My room mate then sat next to me and off we went. We slowly made our way to a bus stop in London about an hour away from our hotel and got off the bus. After Paul drove away, we started walking to the Oxford college campus. The walk itself wasn’t too bad since the campus was almost the whole town.

When we got to the campus we started taking pictures immediately. Mr. Halter wanted to take as many pictures as possible and decided to have my room mate and I be in them. We took many amazing pictures and I plan on keeping most of them as soon as he sends them to me. We took one picture next to the tree on the campus that is also in the famous Harry Potter” movies and it looked really good with the tree in the background. The idea is that we might actually have a number of neat senior pictures years before we need them.

After we roamed the campus for about an hour, my group and I all got lunch at this restaurant called Not Just Food or NJF for short. When we walked inside my room mate and I spotted a TV which had games on it, and I instinctually grabbed a controller and started playing. We played that for a bit and we all ordered a grilled cheese except for my room mate who ordered a huge hot dog. I ordered a lemonade to drink but just like another hotel that had “lemonade” it was really just Sprite. We all finished eating there and decided to leave and meet the rest of the group at the meeting point which our tour guide picked.

We got to the point and started making our way to the subway station where we all got handed maps and learned how to use them, as the maps looked very complicated. We all got off our stop at Leicester Square and it was raining out. We went over by Cleopatra’s needle which has nothing to do with Cleopatra at all and more to do with a symbol of friendship between England and Egypt. We then went over on the Hungerford bridge and took amazing pictures with the British skyline.

Then after walking around for a bit we went to dinner. On the way to dinner we took some nice pictures It took us an hour to finally reach the correct restaurant after walking to the wrong restaurant for dinner. We ate fish and chips which was a very nice meal and ended dinner with a slice from a brownie cake.

After dinner we rode the subway back from Belgo in Soho and got ready for the night. I put my bags away in my room and laid down to rest. I then started typing this entry, concluding my night. London is a very bright, entertaining, and enthusiastic city to visit.

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