Day 3 to York by Brent Anderson

On day 3 to York we woke up early and had to be ready for breakfast by 6:30AM. My group, unfortunately, had to wake up quickly as our alarm clock did not got off, making us have to get ready in like 5 minutes each. We basically got up at 7:00 to Mrs. McClyman knocking on our door because she did not see us down at breakfast. We ended up having to just grab our breakfast quickly and bring it along on the bus which left at 7:15.

The bus ride was about 6 hours long with 3 stops in between. It was mainly boring though because all we did was sit there with nothing to do and in the quiet. Our tour guide, Ash, tried to make it less boring as she would talk and give us certain information about the places we were seeing. She also played music themed with each country so in Scotland she would play popular Scottish music and when we crossed the border into England, we did a quiz on the popular songs of England.

Our first stop on the bus ride was at a cashmere souvenir shop with a lot of different things. It was more of a common shop with more than just cashmere products. We could buy drinks and food for a quick snack on our long ride. The second stop was at the border between Scotland and England which was really cool because we were sitting on a hill above the mountains of Scotland and it had a really nice view of everything. Ash gave us a little info on the place. She said during World War 2 when the Nazis tried to invade Britain they did not map the hills and when the planes were going over the hills it provided cover for the Scottish and they shot down the Nazis easily. They are still uncovering the bodies to this date.

On our last stop we stopped for lunch at a rural town which had three food places for us to eat at. There was a Burger King, Subway, and a little shop selling frozen and chilled foods. Most people ate at the Burger King as I could tell. We got to spend 30 minutes gathering our food to eat. It wasn’t the best amount of time because it made a lot of people rush to get their meals.

When we got close to York, Ash began to give us more information about the history of York. In early A.D. the Romans conquered the city and built a fort and built walls surrounding it. Many rich citizens lived inside the walls to get protection. Later on the Romans abandoned the fort making the citizens leave there have to flee as well. A couple hundred years later the Vikings came and inhabited the city. The Vikings ended up getting forced out of the area and a church was built by the English. The English used the old architecture and continued their style making it a very beautiful place.

When we got there, we walked the walls of the old fort built by the Romans, which was still intact and actually very sturdy. We could see the buildings built by the Romans and a big general overview of the city. We could also see the cathedral built by the English called York Minster, which was huge and glamorous. Later on we traveled to the cathedral and roamed it while there was other groups and while the church service was going on.

When we arrived at the church, Ash gave us a little treasure hunt to find five different things in the cathedral. We split up into several small groups and whoever found everything first would get a prize. My group ended up finding all five first. We won the prize of Tea Cakes, chocolates with marsh mellow inside of them.

Afterwards, we were able to shop and roam for about an hour or so within the city center of York. When we were done with York we made our way to the hotel which was an hour away from York.

We got to the hotel early at 7 and dinner was at 7:30 so we got to unpack all of our bags in our rooms before dinner. For dinner we had a Scottish pie, which was Meat and Potatoes with gravy. It was almost made like a casserole and actually tasted pretty good, but it wasn’t quite enough food since we were pretty hungry. Our desert was Cherry Cake with chocolate and whipped cream. After that we were off on our own and a group of us decided to follow Mr. Halter down the street to a small grocery store where we stocked up on snacks.

In conclusion we had a really great day besides the bus ride because we got to learn about the history of the places we went to compared to some places we’ve visited so far. We also got to experience a city which is not like anything in the UK with it’s Roman architecture and special cathedral.

Excited for Day 4 and going to Stratford!

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