Day 2 in Edinburgh by Carley Schultz

On day 2 of enjoying the old and new town of Edinburgh, we had to be at breakfast by 8:30 am…which of course I didn’t get out of bed until 8:20ish, maybe one or two minutes earlier than that but who really knows. Once I got up and got ready, I headed down to breakfast, which was pretty good except for the rubbery pancakes that they serve and you have to put them in a toaster…

After breakfast we all got on the bus and drove into the new town to pick up our “blue suit gal” who then took us on a small, interesting bus tour around the new town and a little bit of the old town. We were dropped off there and then got a small walk tour to and within the castle. The castle was a beautiful tourist attraction that sits on top of a volcano. The castle on the hill had all kinds of different “rooms” or “layers” where there were different sculptures such as the prison room, and we also got to see the old ship (but as a little remodel.)

After viewing the castle on the hill for about 30 minutes, the Fond du Lac crew headed out and stopped at a few shops as we headed down to King Arthur’s peak. King Arthur’s peak was around a couple miles long. Most of it is rocks where hikers are able to climb, or there is grass where you will hear about later. When we got to the start of the peak, it seemed so far, (which it was) but Ronell pushed me and herself to finish. Honestly, it was a good thing we finished because it was beautiful once we started to get higher and higher.

The view we got from hiking up the King Arthur’s seat peak was an amazing view and such a great accomplishment and a great experience. The views from the peak were quite amazing. We saw ships out in the sea just cruising around, which was a beautiful scenic view along with all the architecture there around the hill. Our group also got to feel the temperature change from the start of the hike to all the way to the top, which was very different. It got chilly as we stayed up there enjoying the scenic view and chatting with one another to get to know each other and take each others’ pictures.

We stayed up at the peak for quite a bit of time but then made our way down to the end. As we made our way down to the end, we took a different route (Halter’s idea… of course). As we started walking onto the new path, I Facetimed my mother for a little while until I fell twice within 10 seconds… After telling her I had to go, I fell again… But that’s not even the good part… After 3 falls I decided to take my shoes off and let my feet just do the walking. Yeah, that was not a good idea. Within a couple minutes I heard a huge pop or crack and went straight to the ground crying.

I knew something was wrong right away. As I sat there in tears with Ronell, we got Halter to come up and sent the other members of the group down. Halter started talking to me and started to calm me down. Within 20ish minutes Halter, Brent and I headed down with me holding onto them hopping like a little bunny. That didn’t last long to where I needed a break and just started scooting down on my butt, so don’t mind me walking by with only one shoe on and a green stains on my buttocks…

Even though I was still in pain, I finally stood up and just put pressure on it to make it faster to the nearest road. Once we got to the nearest road, the three of us sat on a bench for awhile and just laughed about the horrific day that we had even though it was an amazing and beautiful experience to have made in Edinburgh, Scotland. Uber came and picked us up around 5:00 and took us to the Inn on the Mile, which is where our meeting place was at the end of the day.

When we got dropped off, we sat outside for a bit until the chill got to us. Once it started to get chilly, Halter and I went to find a place to sit inside and order something to drink and to eat as Brent went to go shop with some others in our group. After we finished, it was finally 6:50, which meant we had to meet at the spot to head to dinner where I didn’t eat much because the chicken was really dry. Once everyone was done with dinner, we headed to the bus and went on with our night once we got to the hotel.

In all that happened today, it was still a blast. As a huge EF tour group we got to learn all about Edinburgh, Scotland, within the two days of being here. So, as we end with tonight, I just want to say thank you to my mother and all the other parents for allowing your children to go and to be able to learn the different cultures and be able to experience this as a learning experience.

Goodnight Edinburgh, Scotland, and to our lovely parents/friends! Thank you for the two days we’ve had to experience and to learn about you. But hello to the next stop: Yorkshire, England!

One thought on “Day 2 in Edinburgh by Carley Schultz

  1. Thanks for sharing your day #2 experience. Hopefully with a little rest your ankle feels better for your day 3 excursion to Yorkshire. Wishing you all continued safe travels and lots of great memories.


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