Day 1 in Edinburgh, Scotland by Jodie Burns

Today we were able to grace the Scottish country with our travel to both New and Old Edinburgh.

We tried new foods and soaked up a portion of the culture. Then we got to tire ourselves out by walking the mile like 10 times up and down going shop to shop. The best part was probably how welcoming and fun the Scotts are. There were many street performances and variety’s of food to try from such as haggis all the way to common food such as burgers.

The monuments and the castles are amazing and inspiring, truly works of art. The brands are interesting here where all most are is a swapped letter or a change in the name but same logo. The roads are odd to have to think backward with what we know and are used to in the US and all just to cross a street safely. Our tour guide is a wonderful woman to know she has many stories to swap and is very enthusiastic for this trip. So far the trip is fun filled, tomorrow should be even more great.

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